Tips To Find a Top WordPress Web Design Company in Houston, TX

wordpress web design company

Looking for a custom and affordable WordPress web design company for the best website design services?

The look of a website matters, greatly. Every feature – logo, font, color, images influence a visitor’s behavior to the website.  WordPress is one of the preferred website platforms for both individuals and organizations.

If you are looking for a website for your small business, WordPress is a perfect choice. It is ideal as it is scalable, offers a range of content management tools and proper coding. The benefits of the amazing CMS include:

  • Simple to learn and use
  • Offers a high variety of plugins and themes
  • SEO-friendly
  • Huge community support

Also, the WordPress CMS is a trusted option for you as its already used by several government agencies such as NasaShareAmerica etc…

Top Hints to Find the Best WordPress Web Design Companies in Houston, Texas

There are many providers that offer WP web design services making it difficult to determine what services can be the ideal one for your business. The following points should help, to a large extent, find the right WordPress web designers..

Capabilities: The web designer you chose must have the proficiency and experience in building a WordPress website as per your ideas. Look out for:

  • Techniques: What tools do they use? Are the designs adaptable to the new technologies? How will they make your site noticeable among the competition? It must be responsive and scalable.
  • Experience: What are the projects they have worked on? Did they build a site that is similar to your ideas and industry? Who will be working on your project?

Challenges: You may be nurturing some strategies. Make sure the WP designer you choose is capable to handle the requirements. Find out:

  • Deadlines: Are they confident of meeting the deadlines? What if you are not satisfied with the final product? How many revisions will they do?  Will they provide you with a dedicated designer of your choice?
  • Can the site be scalable with enough space to grow? Is it responsive to the new gadgets of varying sizes?

Location:  There are a few benefits to choosing a local web designer. Though, it must not be the main criteria of your selection factors.

  • Communication: You can have a face to face talk with the designer team. You can have a direct discussion as the work progresses. This will also enable you to understand the working style and confidence of the web designer.
  • Local market: When you sell your services in Houston, a web design company from the region will have a better understanding of the local market and your target audience.
  • Local references: You can directly talk to their customers and get feedback about the way they operate.
  • Network: Working with an established local company can help build relationships and mutually recommend each other’s services to your respective clients in the local market.

Portfolio: Every website designer and developer maintain a portfolio where they display their previous work. Browsing the page will enable you to know several things about them such as

  • Have they worked previously on a site which is to an extent similar to your business?
  • What tools have they used?  Are they proficient with the new technologies?
  • What issues cropped up and how they found a solution?  How is site performance?

Client references: Most of the customers give their opinions about the service provider. They talk about the various aspects that include:

  • Quality- Whether the designer completed the project within the scheduled time frame?
  • Customization- Did the provider customize the services as required by them?
  • Support- Were they helpful in guiding and explaining?  How courteous were they?

Customer Service: Sometimes, you need your designer team’s assistance while the project is in progress or after its completion. The service must be efficient and quick. Do a review about:

  • Comeback time -What is the average response time?
  • Access- They must be easily reachable over every communication channel- telephone, email, live chat, Skype etc
  • Timings- Do they have around the clock support or only during business hours.

Best Sources to Find the WordPress Web Design Services in Houston?

Once, you are sure of how to find the web designers, the question that arises is where to find them? The best sources are:

Search engines: Top search engines like Google, Bing etc. are one of the best places to search for the top web design agencies as well as freelancers in and around Houston, Texas. You must specify the region and use appropriate keywords in your search.

Market place/ Directory: Upwork, Clutch, Yelp, and many similar directory services display the details of the local WordPress web designers. Almost all the service providers, both new and experienced, can be found here.

LinkedIn: It is a leading social media platform for businesses and individuals. You can connect with all types of service providers here.

Questions You Should Ask the WordPress Web Design Company

Do an interview and review the performance results before you determine and sign up a contract with the best web designer for your business project. There will be many questions that you must ask.

How long have you been in the industry and what other services you offer?

Web designers display their best works in the portfolio. However, you must ask questions as to their experience in the other relevant services you may require. They are experts in WordPress, but you need digital marketing to reach your audience. It would be good if can find a company that can manage all your digital work.

Do you offer custom design websites or use readymade WordPress themes?

The best website designers will offer both options. You must ask this question.   Often, many low-cost service providers use readymade themes. This is okay for Individuals and petty businesses.  However, for a revenue-earning business like yours, it is necessary the website looks exclusive. It must stand out in the competition. You should insist on custom design themes.

What is your expertise in WordPress e-commerce?

WooCommerce is a powerful plugin for WordPress. It is important to know how much of working experience they have in building a new WooCommerce website or upgrading an existing one.

How familiar are you with WordPress SEO?

Ask about their SEO strategy. WordPress is an SEO friendly software but to maximize its benefits, the designer service company must be familiar with the best ways. Ask them to give a brief gist on the steps they take to ensure visitor engagement and conversions.

How much does it cost to build a WordPress website for small business?

While WordPress software is free, there is still some price that you must pay. It will vary as per the rates the designer charges. It will also depend on the services you ask for. A WordPress website can range from $1500 to $3000 or more. it is important for you to know the purpose of building the site.

How long does it take to complete the design and development of the site?

This, typically, will depend upon the scope of work and the features you need. It will also depend on how quickly you provide them with the required information. You may ask them the time they will devote towards your website in a day, how many people will work on your project etc.

What do they need from you?

Unless you provide them with information like videos, images, text, or any other content, it will not be possible for them to start. They will then tweak the content for better SEO and presentation.

How do you price the services and what does it include?

Will they charge a consolidated figure for the complete project or do they have an hourly rate?  Make sure the price is within the market rate and matches the quality you require. What are the services included?

Looking for an Expert WordPress Web Designer in Houston, Texas?

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