Seven Signs That Your Website Needs a Complete Redesign

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Web development trends have changed at a rapid pace since the 1990s. New technologies are being adopted. Websites are becoming faster, more sophisticated and interactive. You might have had your site developed years ago and still wondering whether to follow the trend and have it redesigned or not. A website redesign can be a complex and expensive affair. However, if it means increased revenues, better brand visibility and beating your competition, it should be the way to go. But how can you determine whether your website needs a complete redesign or not. Here are 7 major pointers.

Too many pages with a lot of content

There’s no dispute that content is king. However, too much content can actually do more harm than good especially if you don’t run a blog or ecommerce website. A lot of content usually means large blocks of text and complex site navigation. Essentially, your site needs to have just enough content to lead the site visitor to taking the desired action. The site visitor should be able to find the information they’re looking for with just a few clicks.

Site has been hacked a number of times

Website security is a major concern for all online business owners. A hack into your site could cause damage that would take weeks or even months to recover from. Although there are many tools to help improve site security, you can never rule out an attack. But what if your site has been hacked into several times? You’ve probably hired professionals to increase site security. But if the site has been hacked several times, it might mean that the site design has loopholes that hackers can easily exploit.

Rather than invest in having your old site’s vulnerabilities fixed every now and then, a site redesign using more secure web technologies would be the best solution.

It’s difficult to update content

How easy is it to update content on your site? If you cannot copy and paste text or simply upload an image or video on your site with a few mouse clicks, your site needs a redesign. Today’s websites are designed such that you won’t have to rely on a professional developer or have to learn some web development basics to keep them updated.

The site is not responsive

Over 50% of internet users are using mobile devices. Responsive design is focused on making websites easily viewable on desktops and mobile devices. If your target visitor is using a mobile device and finds that your site is difficult to navigate, they’re likely to move to a competing responsive site. Besides enabling easy accessibility to mobile users, responsive design is a Google ranking factor.

What is responsive design and why is it becoming popular?

High bounce rates

A high bounce rate can have many negative effects on your site. It means loss of potential revenue, loss of credibility for your brand and eventually, poor ranking in search engine results pages. There are many reasons why people might choose to leave your site immediately they visit it. Among these is poor site design. Today’s savvy internet user expects a site that loads fast, is easy to navigate, accessible through mobile devices and is attractive. Redesigning your website could improve retention rates for your site.

Inconsistent design

Today, your website plays a larger role than just being your online storefront. It has become a branding tool that can easily set you apart from your competition. Your site’s design plays a huge role in branding. One of the key principles of branding is consistency. If your site lacks consistency, your brand might lose credibility. Consistent site design involves the use of uniform layouts, fonts, colors and media among other elements that make your site a complete unit.

It’s difficult for target visitors and search engines to find your site

The main reason for launching a website is to attract your target audience and possibly generate revenue. However, it’s usually easier said than done. Before your target visitors actually get to your site, search engine bots must crawl and index your web pages. If search engines find it difficult crawling your pages or, rank them for the wrong keywords, you’ll not get the traffic you hoped for.

There are several reasons why search engine bots can’t effectively crawl and index your site. These include:

  • Lack of appropriate tags and alt text for images
  • Poorly optimized content
  • Use of flash
  • Poor site navigation

If this is the case for your site, a redesign to rectify these issues might be necessary.

Having your website redesigned might not sound too appealing considering the time and financial investments involved. However, it might be the only solution to take if you want a more secure, highly ranked and converting website.

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