Privacy Policy

ZionWebDesign keep all of the data regarding the clients confidential. All the questions we ask and discuss here is all about your project and we discuss it for business purpose. Any information provided by you won’t be leaked in any media and won’t be used illegally.

At ZionWebDesign, we keep you information secret and don’t provide any of you information to other client without your concern. We ensure all safety steps for securing your provided information. Nothing can be revealed without your permission. We can ensure that there will be no misuse or conspiracy of your information.

Be careful! We don’t send any cookies to your system to fetch any kind of information of clients. We collect and ask those questions which they can answer deliberately. Cookies are sent by a site and it generally passes all the stored information without client’s permission.

We are committed to keep your data safe and secure. We don’t expose your data in front of any other. We just use it for the purpose of completing your task and provide you an awesome service and experience. Your address, mail ID, contact number and other info will be safe with us.

If you have any query about the policy regarding privacy, please contact us by mail.

ZionWebDesign reserves all right of modifying, and updating its privacy policy when required without your permission. We would like to let you pay a visit on our site regularly.

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