Advantages of Custom eCommerce Solutions in Web Development

custom ecommerce solutions

Custom eCommerce solutions let you build tailored websites for your online store. Customized e-business websites provide a lot of benefits to businesses. If you’re about to have an eCommerce store, then the first thing you should decide is whether to have a custom website or a pre-made store.

The eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, Bigcommerce, etc have their own advantages. But they are not suitable for every business. Some stores need to build from scratch to make it an entirely new website and add all the required features to it. In both ways, online shops are the best way to make your products reach a wider audience.

Nowadays a huge portion of businesses is done through online stores. The only thing compulsory is that the site needs to be stand out from the competing companies’ websites. The payment methods must be very simple that even a person with not much internet knowledge could make the purchase. The sites should be user-friendly to make the customers feel more comfortable than shopping directly from a store.


  1. You have customizable products
  2. You have specialized shipping options
  3. There may be specific rules for your industry
  4. Custom eCommerce storefront design
  5. You have custom promo codes
  6. You want to integrate with back-end software
  7. Your customers have unique needs
  8. You have special reporting needs
  9. Unique business requirements
  10. You must have security concerns
  11. You want to build great features for your shoppers
  12. You’ve outgrown your ready-made online store solution
  13. You want to connect your inventory and vendors
  1. Google
  2. Ask Your Friends and Families
  3. Online Market Places
  1. Portfolio
  2. Experience
  3. Communication
  4. Development Process
  5. Payment Policies

13 Reasons for Having a Custom eCommerce Website

Now every individual has seen the advancements in technology and most of them are very familiar to use those technologies. Everyone is so comfortable using the internet to talk to someone, watching movies or even shopping products. The growth in the mobile industry boosted this process.

Making online purchases is very common these days. The customer doesn’t need to go to the store. It’s more like the store comes to the customer. You can place an order from right where you are and the product will reach you. But building a regular eCommerce site won’t be a desirable choice. You should have a unique website if you want to push your brand image.

To make such a unique website require the service of a custom eCommerce agency. In a custom website, the functionalities are not mentioned by the pre-built framework. The client has total control over the designs and functionalities. Such websites provide more flexibility and scalability than pre-made. Here you can see some of the major advantages of customized websites.

1. You have customizable products

The custom-made online stores can create features to customize the products. If you are building the website for a clothing store, then the options for changing size, color, and graphical design on them will be an interesting feature to have. Cloths with those changes may cost differently. So the site owner must be able to add pricing for the changes accordingly. Different pricing options for a single product may not be possible in all pre-made websites.

2. You have specialized shipping options

Selling products with no special consideration required is very simple. But if you’re planning something big, like a website with a wide variety of items, then you need to take good care of the products. The shipping charges to the customer location will be added to the product. The nature of the product decides the packaging and this too affects the pricing. Customized websites can take care of all this.

3. There may be specific rules for your industry

Each country has different rules and regulations for shipping. Some products need to refrigerated to transport like food products, medicines, etc. Maybe the product that the customer about to purchase is prevented in their country. The website should know all these things before the customer makes the purchase and inform them. A tailored website is required to do all this rigorous task.

4. Custom eCommerce storefront design

The search engine rankings of a website depend on its design and user experience. There is a more important thing than that. The customers can visit your competitors’ site which looks similar to your website. Having a custom design gives you a competitive advantage over others. The storefront design should be stand out from the competition.

5. You have custom promo codes

A website on top of the pre-made eCommerce platforms will have a limited number of features to control the promo code options. The promo codes can be applied to certain products. There are also price drops for specific times and other discount features can be implemented in customized online stores.

6. You want to integrate with back-end software

Most of the eCommerce websites integrate some other systems and software to implement extra features. It is a very common thing that can occur during web development. Maybe you can add an order entry system to track the order placing to the order delivery. The process of system integration with website can be very straightforward depending on the back-end software that the developer used. This will push you to have a custom-built website.

7. Your customers have unique needs

Having a large customer base is a huge responsibility. You have to meet all of their requirements. Some customers need to make the purchases in a few clicks and some want just a user-friendly website with a sense of familiarity. In such situations, custom-built websites are the best for you to have.

8. You have special reporting needs

The customers spend so much money on online purchases. Sometimes they may need to see the report of all the purchases they made in a certain period. In that time, you are bound to give all the order information they need in that particular time frame. This feature may not be possible in ready-made eCommerce solutions.

9. Unique business requirements

Every business owner has different objectives to achieve. The online business platform you choose will decide the success and failure of it. For such cases integrating what you needed on the website like accounting, customer relationship management, and marketing software can help achieve all your business goals.

10. You must have security concerns

You probably heard about businesses attacked by hackers. This can cause a huge data breach and destroy the credibility of the firm. This will ultimately lead to financial loss of the organization. This is why it is crucial for businesses to give attention to their web security. With a custom-built website, you can ensure the site gets all the security features. Otherwise, it will be difficult to find out any security flaws in the site.

11. You want to build great features for your shoppers

The uniqueness of a website can serve you in many ways. Major reason is that people always like something different. It will drive them to your website. The other thing is that if your website is similar to another one, then the chances of customers purchasing on the second one instead of your store is high. The solution to avoid this is the customized websites. Because it has more customizations comparing to the ready-made websites.

12. You’ve outgrown your ready-made online store

Pre-built eCommerce solutions are not always a bad choice. It can be affordable and consume less time for development. For a small business that may be the right choice. But if your business is growing so big, then you will start to realize all the restrictions in using them. At that point, changing to a custom-built online store will be costly. Once you experienced the advantages of having a custom website, you won’t be disappointed.

13. You want to connect your inventory and vendors

A successful online store should be able to connect with its vendors to maintain the amount of the products in stock. If a popular product is run out of stock that may cause the customers to go to another site. To avoid such situations, when a product is in very less amount, then the inventory management system should automatically place an order for more units. Custom-made websites can easily do tasks like that.

Where to Find Custom eCommerce Solutions Provider

Now you learned the advantages of having a custom-built online store. The next thing is finding the eCommerce Solutions Provider. There are a few methods to find the best eCommerce web development company. Some of the effective ways are listed below.


It’s everyone’s first choice to find anything on the internet. By randomly searching eCommerce agency in Google will show you some agencies in your nearby locations. You can also specify the location in the search keywords.

Ask Your Friends and Families

Ask anyone in your close circle who hired such services in the past. They may know some agencies.

Online Market Place

Some of the major platforms to find custom eCommerce developers and companies are,,, etc.

How to Choose the Best Custom eCommerce Development Company?

The number of online stores are increased in the past few years. This led to the growth of the eCommerce development business. So you have countless choices to choose from. But how you’re going to choose the best one. Some of the aspects that may help you to find an agency with the best web design services that suit your project is given below.


The primary thing for selecting a custom eCommerce company is by thoroughly inspecting the portfolio of that agency. This will give you an overall idea about their work quality, the technologies they use, and their expertise.  Maybe you can find a website that meets all your requirements as a reference.


Choose a company with many years of experience in building online shopping stores. The deep knowledge in User Interface and User experience is necessary to understand all your requirements and deliver correctly.

Zion web design is one of the experienced eCommerce development service provider who also offers the best eCommerce SEO services for your business website.


The ultimate aim of hiring an eCommerce development company is to make an online store that meets all the client requirements. For that, they have to understand what are the client needs. So the communication skills of the employees in the agency are important for further proceedings with them.

Development Process

The development phase is when a good relationship with the client and the agency is created. So make sure every step during the development is completed on time and the final product is delivered before the deadline. Check the website they build follows the latest design trends and uses modern technologies.

Payment Policies

This is the final stage in selecting a custom online store development agency. Make sure there are no hidden charges in the agreement. The agency’s price packages should be transparent and fit within your budget.

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Final thoughts

If the client owns a small business and want to expand it to further through online store business, then he probably goes for a pre-built eCommerce solution. With all the limitations present it can be very affordable. But if he wants to think about future expansion then there is no other option for him other than custom eCommerce solutions. It gives countless customization options for the website.

Your website may require some special features that you can’t get on a ready-made website with limited features. Then the custom website is the only way to have that feature. The website should be able to grow with your growth in the business. Custom-built online stores give more flexibility and scalability to have any kind of modifications in the future.

You can find a custom online store developers by checking their portfolio, experience, pricing and payment policies. The communication skills of them is also an important criterion. Hoping you find this article useful to know more about custom eCommerce solutions provider.

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